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Guangdong hengye fine chemical Co., LTD. (the former xingtan town, shunde district, foshan city, hengye fine chemical Co., LTD.) is mainly engaged in &oilfield chemicals and water treatment agent of research and production and sales of high-tech enterprises, is guangdong province since nineteen ninety-nine guangdong provincial administration for industry and commerce has been appraised as "creditable enterprise". The company strictly execute IS9001:2008 quality management system. I companies and Chinese academy of sciences, chengdu institute of organic chemistry, zhongshan university, south China university of technology and other institutions of higher learning have long-term research cooperation company, in technical and scientific aspects of my company has the abundant strength.
The company in order to meet the market requirement, and strive to improve enterprise innovation ability, started from 2000 established technology development center, this research center has a strong research and development technical talents, existing technology staff 15 people, including nine named senior engineer. Specialized in high-tech product development, a year into technology development funds to 120 million yuan of above. In the last few years my company respectively undertaking state of guangdong province, and foshan torch-plan projects, including eight GD - 112-6 between well acidizing fluid thickener and GD - 112 type of sludge dewatering polymer flocculants by guangdong science and technology hall technical appraisement, product quality and application effect to the same products abroad technology performance index, is in the domestic leading level. GD - 112 type of sludge dewatering polymer flocculants was listed as the 2000 national science promotion plans and guangdong key new product, GD - 112-6 between well acidizing fluid thickener is listed as 2004 national key new product, the above two high-tech products won respectively in guangdong, foshan progress prize in science and technology, and got two state invention patent.
The company product widely applies in the oil and gas Wells acidification treatment and urban sewage treatment plant, the brewery, factories, manufacture leather, paper mill, oil refinery sewage treatment.
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